Leaders. Catalysts. Advocates.

We are facilitators of communication and collaboration

  • We educate the community about how afterschool programs offer a safe haven where children can learn and have fun.
  • We convene different segments of the community and facilitate communication among afterschool professionals, school leaders, law enforcement officials, policymakers, civic leaders, philanthropists and other partners to establish accountability and a system of support for Wisconsin’s young people.
  • We are a resource center of best practices, cutting edge programs, curriculum and research about how to encourage children’s successful academic, social and emotional outcomes.
  • We support statewide partners and local coalitions addressing the needs of children and providers.

We improve the quality of out of school time programs

  • We promote quality standards and offer opportunities for program staff to develop the skills to meet those standards, receive support and network with their peers.
  • We offer a full range of professional development for afterschool workers, managers and volunteers, from webinars and workshops to full-day conferences, from on-site training and one-on-one coaching.
  • We conduct quality advising site visits to help programs improve.
  • We develop innovative curricula designed specifically for settings outside the traditional classroom.
  • We consult with municipalities and school systems on ways to build coordinated systems that support all-day, all-year learning.
  • We provide a telephone on-line support to answer questions.

We champion afterschool and summer learning

  • We are Wisconsin’s voice for afterschool and summer in Madison and Washington DC.
  • We advocate for state and federal legislative and regulatory initiatives supporting the expansion, affordability and accessibility of afterschool and summer programs.
  • We disseminate research on the benefits of programs, alerts on proposed government initiatives, and mobilize children’s advocates to take action.
  • We work directly with public administrators and elected officials to create effective policies that support school-age youth and the professionals that care for them.