Advocacy is an important part of program sustainability; use these resources to help get you started.  If you need additional support or have questions - fill out our Request Technical Assistance form in Quick Links and check out our Advocacy playlist on YouTube.

Program Spotlight

Program Spotlight

Meet Craig Knitt, Creative Arts Specialist for the Boys and Girls Club of the Bay Lakes Region in Northeastern Wisconsin. Craig specializes in filmmaking and has had youth create, act in, and produce their own films. According to Craig, art and creation are a “...healthy and positive experience because that process is so in tune with what it is to be human…” Listen to a deep dive into art, creating, and the impact the artistic experience can have on youth in this episode of the Beyond the Bell with WOSTA podcast.

Visit the Afterschool Alliance for specific information regarding Afterschool in Wisconsin or view this infographic resource.

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View Unlocking Potential: Skills for Impactful Outreach Power Point slides and the Elevator Speech tip sheet

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Listen to this podcast on 1A - The child care funding cliff - which features a provider from Bloomer, WI

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Visit the Afterschool Alliance to learn about Making the Case for Afterschool







Visit the Afterschool Alliance to learn about Three Easy Outreach Strategies.